MASA TV is our live-streamed webinar series on Facebook focusing on delivering knowledge and insights about a particular industry/career every episode. In season 1, we’ve had episodes for first year university students, an interview masterclass, a PwC special, pathways to consulting and an episode dedicated to helping international students. 

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MASA TV Ep. 6: All About Accounting

📅 Date: 14th of August

⏰ Time: 8pm – 9pm

Our long-awaited season two of MASA TV brings our sixth episode. This time we’re answering your questions regarding… “All About Accounting”! Whether you’re unsure of which major to choose from or you’re just simply doubtful about the state of the industry, MASA’s here to soothe your concerns.

Often when people come across the word “accounting”, they’ll associate it with being dull, number crunching, or simply boring. This simply isn’t true and we’re here to prove that accounting is more than a boring office job where you’re stuck at your desk looking at spreadsheets all day.

Make the most out of your time during lockdown to get ahead on your career development by tuning into this episode, where MASA will explore the different ways in which you can gain an advantage over your peers. From the obvious such as internships and vacationer programs, to extra-curricular activities that employers are sought after for – these insights serve as a guide for you to develop a career plan tailored to fast track your career goals.

We’ll be bringing on key guests to walk you through industry insights, answering key questions such as the future of accounting in a rapidly changing technological environment, impacts of COVID-19 on accounting firms and the differences between divisions and company structures. These industry guests are sure to spark new and delightful insights into the accounting profession that you may never have considered.

Join us on Friday the 14th of August 2020 at 8pm for our live premiere of MASA TV Episode 6.

Online Events

In addition to MASA TV, MASA continues to engage its members through online events such as networking events, information sessions and other events. Many of our events provide students with accessing and networking opportunities with one or more of our many sponsor organisations. 

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MASA & CCA Presents: Chat & Chill

📅 Date: 28th of July

⏰ Time: 6pm onwards

CCA & MASA are excited to invite you to Chat & Chill – a collaborative event to help you kick-start semester 2.

This event is designed to engage with both first years and senior students through an open and interactive Q&A Panel. You will have the opportunity to ask your burning questions regarding internship/graduate opportunities, university roadmaps, benefits of joining clubs & societies and more.

Hear first-hand from our very own current and ambitious students who have gained experiences in companies such as Atlassian, Forever New, Google, and PwC, just to name a few.

The evening will be followed by icebreakers and online group activities, where you will have the chance to make new friends (and LinkedIn connections) – the perfect opportunity to bring out your competitive nature and show us the online gaming skills you have acquired since lockdown!

Held in the comfort of your home, this event is one you do not want to miss. Whether you plan to ZOOM in solo or gather your friends, join us to gain a better understanding of how you can make the most out of uni.

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