MASA TV is our live-streamed webinar series on Facebook focusing on delivering knowledge and insights about a particular industry/career every episode.

Episode 1: First year futures

Our first episode is to help first-year students get to know the many opportunities and experiences university offers.

We are also excited to be launching MASA’s first ever First Year Guide. The guide is jam-packed with tips on how to navigate university, as well as exclusive interviews with recent graduates.

This is not just for first years – ALL YEAR LEVELS are welcome and can benefit from this episode, whether you’re a first year, second year or beyond.


Episode 2: Interview Masterclass

In this episode, MASA will be partnering with Monash Career Connect to deliver interview techniques, etiquette, and structured responses including the STAR method.

Join us as we explore one of the most nerve-wracking yet crucial stages of the recruitment process. How do YOU distinguish between an ‘average’ interview response and an ‘outstanding & impressive’ response? We will reveal exactly how, by providing examples on both scales to ensure you can confidently walk out of that interview feeling good about yourself. This episode will be applicable to all types of interviews – online interviews, face to face interviews, group interviews and more!

Episode 3: Interview Masterclass

In this episode, we will be touching on all things PwC Australia – one of the Big Four accountancy firms and part of one of the largest professional services networks in the world. We will explore PwC’s values, culture and learn about what makes PwC different.

This is then followed by a discovery into PwC’s recruitment process, including what they look for in candidates as well as student opportunities and programs to provide you with an edge in furthering your career development. Finally, we will dive into the structure of various departments within PwC such as Deals, Audit and Tax.


Episode 4: Pathway to consulting 

If you’ve ever been curious about the mysterious world of consulting, MASA is collaborating with Impetus Consulting Group for a jam-packed evening that will provide you with an invaluable set of consulting skills and knowledge. Join us in this episode to hear from Impetus’ very own Managing Director who will be talking about the process of consulting and how joining Impetus can bring value to your professional career as a student.

There will be a dedicated interview segment with an Associate at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), who will touch on what consultants do at BCG, interesting projects worked on, advice for the preparation of case studies, and more.

Episode 5: International Students

We will be providing insightful and practical information about graduate opportunities for international students, and key tips & advice on the critical aspects that firms are looking for when making hiring decisions. Such aspects include VISA requirements, familiarisation in industry standard software (MYOB, SAP, XERO, etc) and other skill sets such as data analytics. 

Our hosts from MASA Caulfield will be highlighting the Monash WIL program which assists in seeking placement opportunities for international students. We will also touch on graduate opportunities that are currently open for international students such as WLF Accounting and Advisory, Saward Dawson and many more.

Episode 6: All About Accounting

Our long-awaited season two of MASA TV brings our sixth episode. This time we’re answering your questions regarding… “All About Accounting”! Whether you’re unsure of which major to choose from or you’re just simply doubtful about the state of the industry, MASA’s here to soothe your concerns.

We’ll be bringing on key guests to walk you through industry insights, answering key questions such as the future of accounting in a rapidly changing technological environment, impacts of COVID-19 on accounting firms and the differences between divisions and company structures. These industry guests are sure to spark new and delightful insights into the accounting profession that you may never have considered.


Episode 7: Entrepreneurship

Episode 7 of MASA TV covers all things Entrepreneurship! Whether you’ve got a killer market changing idea, or are simply tired of the corporate rat race – this episode was created just for you. MASA will discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur, the skills required, and how you can build resilience throughout the process.

A Senior Associate from Grant Thornton will share how you can take advantage of being a student entrepreneur and bring these skill sets into the workforce for the future. Additionally, this episode features The Generator, where they will discuss their program offerings such as The Accelerator, whilst providing advice for students and helping them kick-start their ideas..

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