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How often do you hold events?

Compared to last year, we are now focusing on fewer, but larger-scale events that we believe to be more worthwhile for our members.

Therefore, you can expect around 2 events per month although that can change depending on the time of year. Be sure to check out our Upcoming Events page for details regarding the next few events so you are always updated.

I would like to join the MASA committee. When do applications open?​

Applications are currently open for officer positions!  You can find the link on the “Join the Committee” Page on this website.

Please note you must be a member of MASA Clayton if you want to apply for a position in the Clayton Campus, and you must be a member of MASA Caulfield if you want to apply for a position in the Caulfield Campus.

Can I benefit from MASA as a non-accounting student?

Absolutely! Some of our committee members are not accounting students yet they still find being a part of MASA an incredibly rewarding experience and a greatly complement to their university life.
The reason is because of the soft skills and life skills you gain from our events. Whilst accounting students are our focus, the networking opportunities, workshops and also friends you make while on MASA are all experiences anybody, regardless of degree, can benefit from. In addition, some of our sponsors such as PwC cater to many degrees outside of accounting.
Feel free to have a look at our events page for more details about what events could suit you!

Can I go to an event even as a non-MASA member?​

Generally, yes. Our events are usually open to any Monash University student although you may be required to pay more for particular events.

In some cases, however, our events are exclusive to MASA members only. These events are usually partnered with one of our sponsors and are quite high in demand. Examples of past events exclusive to MASA members includes the popular EY office tour.
If you are a student who is very keen on attending as many events as possible, we highly recommend you join us a member as you will have access to our exclusive events + pay less for them too. Have a look at our “Join as a Member” page for membership details.

How do we join the association as members?​

There are three main ways students join as members: during our orientation day the week before semester 1 starts, clubs day just after o-week and another clubs day held in the middle of the year. During those times, head over to our stall and talk to one of our committee members who will help sign you up!
If you miss out on those days, don’t fret! Click here to join MASA as a member.
We are always open to new members so if you have other questions regarding MASA, use the email above to send our your enquiries and we will be happy to answer.

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