For MASA to be great, we need a passionate driven team. That is why we have over 25 students divided among 7 portfolios to ensure MASA runs as smoothly as possible.

Executive Board

Our executives are responsible for the maintenance of our society as a whole. Core responsibilities include ensuring that each portfolio runs properly and that the administrative/financial matters of MASA are completed to C&S standards.

88125504_274789983491146_4560233895064240128_n - Shabrea Teo

Shabrea Teo


IMG_2070 - William Taranto

William Taranto

Vice President

Julie Nguyen-Profile - Julie Nguyen

Julie Nguyen


Belinda V

Belinda Vu


Sponsorship Portfolio

MASA cannot function without our partners. That is where our sponsorship team comes in. Their core responsibilities are to secure financial partnerships with organisations and ensure our events satisfy their needs.


Daniel Koh

Director of Sponsorship

91DF3A30-6BB5-4521-BF99-84FE52D8378C - Jessica Santoso

Jessica Santoso

Sponsorship Officer


William Paikada

Sponsorship Officer

81723143-27B3-49F7-9D7F-C3C27208239F - Nick McDonough1

Nick McDonough

Sponsorship Officer

78B690C1-54D9-4613-B612-ABB4593FF0C1 - Skye Lu

Skye Lu

Sponsorship Officer

Events Portfolio

Our main offering is our diverse range of events. Thus, we rely on our events team to ensure that events are properly run, fully organised and make a positive impact upon all of our members.


Patrick Nguyen

Director of Events

DSC_0083-01 - Xiaochen Wang

Sarah Wang

Events Officer

P1070754 - George Alex

George Alex

Events Officer

Aamna Syed (1) - Aamna Syed

Aamna Syed

Events Officer

SeeYinPhoto - See-Yin Soo

See-Yin Soo

Events Officer

Marketing Portfolio

To make sure all of our members know what and when are events are held, we rely on our marketing efforts. The core responsibilities of the marketing team is to utilise our social media, videos and other innovative methods to promote our events.


Richard Nguyen

Director of Marketing


Kyiat Lim

Marketing Officer

Sarlina Hinh Headshot - Sarlina Hinh

Sarlina Hinh

Marketing Officer

BF417DBD-A5C8-4964-B3D7-726672BEC470 - Shaun Thomas

Shaun Thomas

Marketing Officer


Sanodh Jayaweera

Marketing Officer

I.T Portfolio

The I.T Support team is all about pushing MASA through the digital age and augmenting the other portfolios. Core responsibilities include video marketing, graphic design and website maintenance.


Carson Hui

Director of I.T


Eric Yem

I.T Officer


Vishnu Sajimon

I.T Officer


Kongyew Ly

I.T Officer

Christian Pelusi

Christian Pelusi

I.T Officer

Publications Portfolio

MASA not only provides events but also provides useful content for our members to benefit from. Our Publications team is responsible for creating our weekly newsletters as well as posting other important information for members.

IMG_KarlieHuang - Karlie Huang

Karlie Huang

Director of Publications

IMG_0149 - Sashinka Jayawardhena

Sashinka Jayawardhena

Publications Officer

Yvonne P

Yvonne Pham

Publications Officer


Julia Nguyen

Publications Officer

H.R Directors

For MASA to function properly, our team members need to work well together as well as independently. Our HR Directors ensure that all of us get along together and also hold group activities to help with destressing and team bonding.

Vi 1

Vi Vo

HR Co-Director

118588975_456223685336424_8574394343413702998_n - Manisha Kshirsagar

Manisha Kshirsagar

HR Co-Director

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MASA opens a myriad opportunities to students and companies alike.

Our Sponsors gain access to Australia’s most qualified undergraduates.

Our Members can add leading accounting firms to their network.


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